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May. 12th, 2009


Drunken Kitty part 2

So the vet thinks it might be an ear thing.  She took blood and x-rays and some pockety area cats have behind the right ear looked like it might be clogged up.  They cleaned his ear out and put ointment in. They gave me ointment to put in twice a day for 10 days.  Hopefully, that will fix him up just right.

If the blood work looks like something else when she gets it back, we'll deal with that, then.  A stroke would basically be the most likely other option for what happened to him. 

The balance issue made him a lot easier to get into the carrier and I was super smart and got puppy piddle pads for the inside.  Othello has a delightful habit of peeing all over me when I take him to the vet.  This time it was on the piddle pad.  And man, do those techs and that vet love my cat. :)

May. 10th, 2009


Drunkin' cat?

So my cat, Othello (yes, he's black) seems to have lost his balance.  Like, permanently.  He seems otherwise fine.  Eating, drinking, purring, loving.  But he then gets up to walk and stumbles his way to where ever he's going.  And the slightest shake of his head and he tips over.

He has occasionally sounded like he's trying to hack something up in a way I've never heard before in the past week or so.  Maybe it's just a cold and an inner ear infection and can be easily treated.  The interwebs have so far suggested that option, a little stroke, or some weird thing that has a name but basically means they got no clue what is wrong but doesn't seem to be super serious and often goes away on it's own. 

I'm calling the vet to get him in tomorrow, hopefully.  Anyone else ever see this in their cat?

Nov. 29th, 2008


Hey Chicago! Good Cause!

Go get your picture taken with Santa and help out my friends' kid, Ashlynn, pay for her Autism therapy.  See below.  Pass it on.

Santa Pictures Nov 29th & Dec 13th!Just in time for the holidays -

Come take pictures with Santa AND support a worthwhile cause.
November 29th The Right Start store in NapervilleDecember 13th Little Threads store in Roscoe Village
100% of the procedes from these events will go to Relief in the Wings fight against Autism.

Relief in the Wings is a non-profit organization created by a group of theatrical designs and technians. Our goal is to raise money for children with special needs in the artistic community and to help them get the necessary physical, medical, and educational assistance they deserve.

We'd love to see you and your families at one of our events. Check out the attached flyer for specific event information, and stay tuned for more events in 2009!

Thanks for your support

Relief in the Wings

Oct. 31st, 2008


R.I.P. Studs Terkel


Oct. 21st, 2008


(no subject)

It's a new session at Studio L'Amour and along with my burlesque class I'm taking the new "Hip-Hop for Burlesque" (really just a hip hop class that the burly-q ladies wanted to take) and OMG so fun!  I've always been a bit intimidated to take hip-hop, so this was a great opportunity to take it with a bunch of girls in the same boat as me.  Everyone looked a bit awkward at first, but once we learned the first part of our combination, IT WAS ON!!!

I've never had so much fun in a dance class before.  Maybe my partnering class in college where I learned all kinds of kick ass lifts.  Other than that, though, I've never had so much ridiculous fun.

Oct. 6th, 2008


Stuff and things

Hey lj, how was your weekend?  Mine was pretty cool.

Friday I got to spend time with some friends I haven't been able to spend time with.  These are also friends who feed me well when I do see them...so that took care of dinner!

Saturday I spent the entire day by myself.  It was awesome.  I haven't had a day where I didn't have to see anyone I knew in a long time.  I leisurely cleaned (some of) our apartment.  Walked to the coffee shop and chilled with my book for a while, watched movies at home with my hot tea....basically did anything I wanted to do and nothing I didn't feel like doing.  Oh, and I watched some kick ass derby from westerns on the computer. 

Sunday was practice then feathers and tulle shopping with miss Dayglo Dago.  Kirk got home in the afternoon and we went right out to buy my new iPhone!!!  Weeee!  Kirk was hurting, though.  I was impressed he even suggested going to get it!

So, this was a nice lazy weekend which I really needed, especially considering what the next month and a half is looking like.  Let the craziness begin!

Sep. 23rd, 2008


Ok, people...dictionary time.

The word is spelled D-E-F-I-N-I-T-E-L-Y.  Definitely.

Not "definately."

I swear that 90% of the posts I've seen on this and every other type of forum I read is spelling this word wrong.  I'm sure I've had my share of spelling mistakes, especially when I haphazardly hit "post" before doing a spell check.  And I am by no means normally a spelling nazi, but this misspelling is driving me crazy.  Let's all learn together and make the world a better place.

Pass it on.

Sep. 8th, 2008


I'm all grows up now.

Sunday is my birthday.  I'll be 33.  My parents will be in town and there is Karaoke Dreamin' at the American Legion basement on Saturday. 

What a perfect opportunity to show my folks a rockin' good time while getting to sing my face off as I turn another year older!

Anyone in Chi-town on Saturday night should be there or be square.
captain log


We just broke out the Kitchen Aid for the first time to bake some chocolate chocolate chip (not a typo) cookies.  Mmmmm.......I can smell them baking now.  Droooooooool.

Baking cookies with Kirk was fun.   Especially laughing at him while he tried to make the parchment paper fit the baking sheet.  :)

Sep. 3rd, 2008


Dear Terry Gross,

I freaking love you.

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